Florida Paddleboarder Captures Video of Big Gator Eating Another Alligator

Everglades Alligator

Photo: Getty Images

The world has been described as a "dog eat dog" place, but here in Florida, it's a "gator eats gator" kind of world.

Tammy Shaw was paddleboarding on August 4 in Silver Springs in Marion County, Florida when she saw the unbelievable occurrence happen.

According to Tammy, she was paddling through the spring on her inflatable paddleboard when she witnessed a large gator devouring a smaller alligator right in front of her.

“I was fascinated just by the sheer size of the gator and the one he was eating,” Shaw explained.

“I wasn’t too afraid because he was obviously busy but when he went under the water, I was a bit concerned where he was gonna pop up.”

Shaw posted the now-viral video to a Facebook group called "Alligators of Florida" where it has garnered national attention.

One video viewer commented, “I never knew they would actually eat one of their own.”

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