Dallas Cowboys Scout Gets To Draft Own Son In NFL Draft

The NFL Draft was happening the last few days- I don’t watch the draft but I know a lot of diehards do. My favorite part though – is when the coaches call these college players, who are at home, on the coach, surrounded by their families, hoping that their lifelong dream is about to come true.

I love those videos.

I saw this video yesterday. The Dallas Cowboys were going to draft a running back.

This running back was the son of one of the Cowboys scout, Chris Vaughn.

So here is the video of Chris (senior), calling his son (junior) Deuce on draft day, to tell him, that his name is bout to be announced as the newest player to the Dallas Cowboys.

Choking up- passes the phone to Jerry Jones, and all the coaches so they can give their congratulation and you see Dad, bear hugging everyone in the room.

Photo Credit :: Getty

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