Rihanna Has A New Limited Edition Ice Cream!


Rihanna collaborated with Madison Brown Ice Cream and launched a new limited edition ice cream! I know ice cream may not be your go to treat in the winter but this sounds like a must try! It's just like the fan favorite Neapolitan ice cream with your vanilla ice cream and strawberry..but instead of chocolate ice cream being in the mix..this Rihanna special features a chocolate crunch ribbon that runs throughout the carton!

The best part is that Madison Brown Ice Cream partnered with Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation which invests in a variety of Caribbean and American climate justice initiatives and helps communities prepare for and withstand whatever natural disasters may come -- so when you buy Rihanna's Neapolitan swirl, 100% of the proceeds are donated to her Clara Lionel Foundation!

For only $9 you can purchase a carton of Rihanna's ice cream, CLICK HERE to see if there's any in stock near you!

Photo: Getty/Madisonbrownfrozen Instagram

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