People Are Disposing Their Christmas Trees By Eating Them

It's that time of year when Christmas trees are being dragged out to the curb or being chopped up and put in the trash - but not so fast! There is another option!

There is apparently a trend (or suggestion) on ways to use the tree in food, drinks, and for flavoring.

Julia Georgallis wrote a book called "How To Eat Your Christmas Tree" and says "you can pretty much eat the whole can use the needles as you would rosemary or bay leaves, for flavor."

According to Julia, pine needles can crushed to flavor gin or blended into vinegar. Also, charring sections of the Christmas tree in an oven, blending them and creating pine ash (for flavor).

Food experts told a British newspaper that pine needles can be used for pickling eggs or vegetables.

You can make pine needle tea with (pre-washed) pine leaves and branches or making a syrup by putting leaves in a pan with sugar and water then boiling.

Photo Credit :: Getty

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