REPORT: The Most 'Annoying' Office Jargon Has Been Revealed!

A report has come in with the most ANNOYING office jargon people hear being used in their office. Whether from a co-worker or management..we've all heard these before at one point or another!

From the top --

  • "Synergy" - more efficiency via collaboration
  • "Outside the box" - think creatively
  • "Take ownership" - take initiative
  • "Value added" - increase in value
  • "Circle back" - discuss later
  • "Reach out" - contact
  • "Going forward" - in the future
  • "Proactive" - fixing problems
  • "Takeaway" - lesson learned
  • "Make it happen" - complete something
  • "Thought leadership" - authoritative leader
  • "Onboarding" - introduce new ideas
  • "Transparency" - being clear about something
  • "Mission critical" - getting something done
  • "Scalable" - increase demand

Out of this list..which one do you hate the most?!

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