VIDEO: Enrique Iglesias Locks Lips With A Fan During Meet & Greet!

Enrique Iglesias has everyone talking about him right now after he posted a video on his Instagram of him MAKING OUT with a fan during a meet & greet in Vegas on Friday! It starts out innocently enough, he's giving a female fan a kiss on her cheek while posing for a selfie with her.. then all of a sudden she turns her head and plants a fat kiss on his lips..but then..HE STARTED KISSING HER BACK! Moving his hands down her back and everything! They were locking lips for a good few seconds before he finally pulled away with the BIGGEST smile.

Oh, and let's not forget (like he probably did) his whole girlfriend of like 20+ years who was probably sitting at home with their 3 kids they have together, Anna Kournikova.

Honey, ain't no way she's just going to let this slide! He may not have started it but he definitely finished it and with a smile to. I'd be HOT.

Photo: Getty

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