SCIENCE: 80% Of Us Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water, Can You?

Hot & Cold

Photo: stacey_newman / iStock / Getty Images

Now, this is an internet trend that actually is mind-blowing. But not because kids are doing something dumb for social media clicks, but because science can be cool.

There is a scientist who posted a video on social media claiming that, according to science, we should be able to hear the difference between hot and cold water, with 80% accuracy. But can you?

Dr. Harini Bhat (PharmD) and self-procalmied "Science Storyteller" posted the now-viral video to her Instagram, challenging viewers to see if they could tell the difference in water temperatures as she poured 2 cups of liquid, one containing boiling hot water, while the other was cold H20.

In a follow-up video, Dr. Bhat reveals the science behind the experiment, explaining that it has everything to do with the 2 F’s - fluid dynamics and frequency.

Both videos below.

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