Would You Get Drunk on Doritos-Flavored Liquor? Now You Can!

Bag chips doritos on blue background

Photo: hamza ishqaidif / iStock / Getty Images

Tell me if this wasn't offered up to you at a frat party in college you wouldn't have reached for a shot of this: Doritos-flavored liquor. And it is now a thing that exists.

Doritos and a spirit company in Denmark called Empirical teamed up for the concoction.

The new spirit supposedly tastes exactly like the Doritos Nacho Cheese version, and it's a whopping 84-proof, so 42% alcohol.

According to people who've tried it, it tastes just like the snack chip, as they've infused it with actual Doritos.

It also smells just like the snack. A writer for "Food & Wine" said it has a "bouquet" that's, "brimming with the unmistakable tang of cheese dust."

The man behind the invention is a former chef named Lars Williams, co-founder of Empirical and he revealed he's actually been making the Dorito-infused booze for years, as he's been making small batches for friends.

He explained that it started when one of his employees came back from lunch with a bag of the Nacho Cheese variety. That's when Lars started experimenting.

They announced that pre-orders have already started, however, it's not clear how many bottles there are available.

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