Florida Man Arrested for "Sexually Molesting" a Manatee Mannequin

Handcuffed woman

Photo: joebelanger / iStock / Getty Images

I feel like this is a PSA that shouldn't have needed to happen, but, when you're a Florida Man, I guess you may need to be told to not molest the mannequins...

A 23-year-old Florida man named Anthony Lessa was arrested last Friday (12/8/23) after what police describe as a drunken outburst at a restaurant, which included "throwing gator nuggets."

When someone confronted the man, he ran over to a life-size manatee mannequin wearing a t-shirt that says, "Did someone say tacos?" on display outside of the restaurant.

According to the police report, that's when Anthony then began "sexually molesting" the manatee. What that entailed exactly, we do not know.

Authorities charged Lessa with disorderly intoxication and disturbance.

According to the internet, Anthony is a student pilot at a flight school in Florida.

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